Student Eligibility 

USM Concurrent Enrollment courses are taught in select, participating high schools throughout Southern Maine. Courses in select subjects are offered and are taught by high school teachers. Students learn course material at the pace of an on-campus college course, are graded according to USM standards, and experience the same level of academic rigor as traditional USM students.

In addition to having an interest in experiencing college-level coursework and learning, Concurrent Enrollment students should:

  • Be a full-time high school student
  • Be a resident of the state of Maine
    *Students who are not Maine residents may enroll in Concurrent Enrollment courses in their high school, but are not eligible to receive state funding for these courses. Please see the Concurrent Enrollment Cost page for more information.
  • Meet academic course prerequisites, if any
    *Prerequisite assessment protocol and criteria for Concurrent Enrollment courses are determined by the relevant academic department at USM.
  • Be attending a USM Concurrent Enrollment-participating, state-eligible secondary school

Concurrent Enrollment & AP Credits

If a student has taken an Advanced Placement (AP) exam and earned a score of 3 or above, they should make sure that they do not repeat an equivalent Concurrent Enrollment course. For example, if a student has already earned a 3 on the AP Statistics exam, they should not take a USM Concurrent Enrollment Statistics course at their high school. A 3 on the AP Statistics exam will transfer to full credit for MAT 120 at USM. If a student with an AP Statistics exam score of 3 or higher takes a Concurrent Enrollment Statistics course equivalent to MAT 120, they will be effectively repeating the course for which they have already earned credit. Students still must follow proper AP credit reporting procedures in order to be granted equivalent USM credit.

Please refer to the AP Equivalency Table on the Office of Prior Learning Assessment website to determine whether an AP exam score(s) transfers to USM course credit.