How do I use these credits?

Students participating in the On-Campus/Online program may earn up to 12 credit hours per academic year (6 credits per semester), at a reduced cost. The 12 credit limit applies to all University of Maine System schools. This equates to a maximum of 3-4 courses per academic year, depending on the number of credit hours per course.

Students use early college credits in a variety of ways. Some high school students who intend to apply to college (at USM or another institution in the University of Maine System) take courses that will fulfill requirements in the general education curriculum or a particular major department. Other students may be starting to think about applying to college, and take On-Campus/Online courses to experience college-level learning. Participation in the On-Campus/Online program can benefit any student who is open to challenging and rigorous coursework, whether or not they are actively preparing to pursue an undergraduate degree.

Transferring USM Credits

University of Maine System: USM course credits earned through On-Campus/Online will transfer to other University of Maine System institutions, as long as the student’s final grade for the course was a C- or above.

Use the Transfer Equivalency tool to verify transfer course equivalencies between USM and other University of Maine System institutions.

Non-University of Maine System schools: Students seeking to transfer Early College USM credits to institutions outside of the University of Maine System should consult with the Registrar and Transfer Affairs office at the university to which they are transferring. Use this credit transfer probability tool to determine the probable success of USM courses being accepted and awarded credit at specific colleges and universities.

Transcript Requests

Unofficial Transcripts

On-Campus/Online students can obtain an unofficial copy of their transcript in MaineStreet. After logging in, students can access their transcript by selecting Student Self-Service → Student Center → My Academics → View My Transcript → View Unofficial Transcript and select “Unofficial – Issued to Student” from the drop-down menu labeled “Report Type.”

Official Transcripts

To request an official transcript, students can follow the instructions at Request a USM Transcript. Please note that colleges, universities, and academic programs that students may be applying to typically require official transcripts as part of a student’s application. Students are required to submit their USM transcript to any college or university to which they are applying, or have been accepted to. Please contact the other institution for best practices for submitting your academic record.