Regular tuition costs for USM courses are adjusted for On-Campus/Online students due to State of Maine waivers and USM tuition waivers. In addition to tuition costs, On-Campus/Online students must pay additional fees, which are calculated per credit hour. Students are also responsible for the cost of books for their courses. Learn more about the costs of On-Campus/Online and Concurrent Enrollment courses on the University of Maine System Early College website.

Not all high schools qualify for the State of Maine tuition waiver. While schools receiving full public funding are automatically eligible, only a limited number of private high schools receive the State of Maine waiver. These schools, which are at least 60% publicly funded, are reviewed and vetted by the Department of Education. A list of approved schools can be found in the On-Campus/Online Billing and Payment Information guide, linked below.

Please review the Billing and Payment Information guide for details on payment methods, including setting up payment plans, and eligibility for the State of Maine tuition waiver. 

Student bills can be viewed in MaineStreet after a student has successfully enrolled in a course. One paper bill is sent to the student’s address on file. Full payment or enrollment in a payment plan is due on January 15th for the Spring semester and August 15th for the Fall semester.

Information on payment methods is available on USM’s Students Financial Services website.


If you have questions regarding the billing process or how to pay your bill, contact Patricia Nickerson at or 207-780-5253, or Ryan Wilson at or 207-780-4397.