You can search all USM courses available to On-Campus/Online students using the online course search tool. Students can also search via ExplorEC once they’ve set up their account.

Courses will be available online in October/November for the spring semester and March/April for the fall semester. Be sure to select the correct university and semester when looking for classes during a specific term. To review the enrollment requirements and course prerequisites, click on the hyperlinked “Section” of any course.

Please note: Students cannot register themselves for class. USM staff will begin to register students on the scheduled open registration date prior to the semester the student intends to take the course. Students should refer to the USM Academic Calendar for exact open registration dates, and complete their course registration in the ExplorEC portal before that date.

Course Eligibility

Students can take any class for which they meet the prerequisite or corequisite requirements. You can meet prerequisites for some courses by providing test scores. For instance, some courses in math and the sciences require minimum test scores from AP/SAT/PSAT/ACT tests to fulfill prerequisites.

It is recommended students focus on General Education courses are they are easiest to transfer across the University of Maine System and the Maine Community College System.