Head of department

Cathie Fallona

Cathie Fallona

  • Chair of the PhD in Public Policy
  • Visiting Professor


Jeff Beaudry

Jeffrey Beaudry PhD

  • Professor of Educational Leadership
Amy Johnson PhD

Amy Johnson PhD

Co-Director Maine Education Policy Research Institute (MEPRI),
Assistant Director CEPARE

Headshot of Dr. Malone

Larissa Malone, PhD

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education
Andrea Stairs Davenport

Andrea Stairs-Davenport


  • Associate Dean of the School of Education and Human Development
  • Professor of Literacy, Language and Culture
Anita Stewart McCafferty

Anita Stewart McCafferty

  • Department Chair of Educational Leadership & Adult and Higher Education
  • Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
Garry Wickerd

Garry Wickerd PhD, NCSP, BCBA

  • Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and School Psychology


Kimberly Warren

Kimberly Warren

  • Director of Academic Administration