Student Groups, Clubs, & Fellows

Our Intercultural Student Affairs Affinity Groups provide a platform for students to connect, support, and celebrate their shared interests and identities on campus.

Among our current groups, you will find:

  • Black Student Union
  • Gender Studies Student Organization
  • Hillel
  • Latinx Student Alliance
  • Melanin in Medicine
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Queer / Straight Alliance
  • Student Alliance of Indigenous Peoples
  • Students WIthout Borders

We have 60+ active student groups, organizations, and club sports that cover a variety of academic and social interests. Among our clubs and organizations, you’ll find the American Sign Language Club, Husky Veterans, and USM Student Action, among others.

The IDEC Student Fellows is a group of undergraduate and graduate students who play an integral role as student advocates. The Fellows lead IDEC’s Student Experience Committee and facilitate campus forums and initiatives, participate in planning and governance, and work directly with University leadership on behalf of students and the community.

Bias Response Team (BRT)

Our BRT addresses reported bias incidents through mediation, resource referrals, and campus-wide collaboration, providing a transparent and just reporting process for students. The team also serves as a consulting resource for best practices and guidance on navigating situations pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A door with a sign stating "Welcome to Conference Services."

Counseling Services

We offer comprehensive psychological services to students. The Counseling Center is home to a diverse group of professionals, including licensed psychologists, licensed clinical counselors, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, and a multicultural counselor.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office supplies a plethora of resources to ensure student success and wellness, such as information regarding The Oakhurst Campus Food Pantry, the Student Emergency Fund, and Title IX support.

Disability Services Center

We provide a wide range of services to students with attentional, learning, physical, psychological, sensory, or other health-related disabilities. Together with campus partners, we work to create and ensure an inclusive campus environment — one that embraces universal accessibility.

A photo of a map of the world with the word 'Welcome' spelled in Engish and several other languages.

Intercultural Student Affairs

We provide a space of growth and community for students from all walks of life, empowering an active exchange across cultures and identities. Through initiatives, programming, and partnerships, we have an all-inclusive resource pool for everyone on campus, regardless of identity or background.

Military-Affiliated Student Hub (MASH)

Our team is a resource for veterans, service members, and their families. We support student veterans, active-duty military, guard and reservists, and dependents in receiving financial education benefits like the GI Bill® and military tuition assistance.

The Promise Scholarship

Our Promise Scholarship helps young achievers from Maine overcome financial, academic, social, and cultural barriers, remain in school, and graduate in four years with little or no debt — prepared to make their own contributions to Maine’s social and economic well-being.

Recovery Oriented Campus Center (ROCC)

Our Collegiate Recovery Program establishes peer support to build a community for students in recovery from substance use and other mental health conditions. We are an empowerment-based community that fosters the possibility of personal growth by embracing all pathways to recovery and building connections.

TRIO and Upward Bound

Our TRIO and Upward Bound programs provide comprehensive educational support services to empower students from diverse backgrounds by offering academic guidance, mentorship, and resources to ensure their success in higher education.

Committed to equity, empowerment, and community, TRIO College Programs advances a culture of belonging in which students can succeed academically, prepare for the future, celebrate accomplishments, and form meaningful connections.

The team at Upward Bound, through academic support, preparatory courses, personal development, and more, provide the support needed to level the playing field. We help guide high school students up a path toward success and higher education.

Veterans Upward Bound of Maine is a program designed for veterans who are looking to refresh academic skills and build the confidence needed to successfully enroll in the school or program of their choice.

In addition to serving USM students, our services are available to the broader veteran community, including those not affiliated with our university.