Direct Links to the Scheduling Calendars

Please use the following self-service calendar links to schedule an appointment with a:

Note: In-person appointments are available on both the Portland and Gorham campuses. Online appointments can also be selected from either campus schedule and are conducted via Zoom.

If you need assistance with scheduling, please refer to the resources below. You may also call The Learning Commons at (207) 780-4228 or email

Accessing the Scheduling Calendars through the MyUSM Portal and Brightspace

The Tutoring: Subject-Based Assistance and Tutoring: Writing Assistance links can also be found in the MyUSM Portal under the USM Quick Links tab (screenshot here), as well as on the right-hand side of the USM Brightspace landing page (screenshot here). All courses for which tutoring is offered are listed in the scheduling calendar and updated each semester.

For step-by-step guidance on how to schedule an appointment, please refer to the following resources:

Laptop open to WCOnline (tutor scheduling system)

Scheduling Online Appointments

Tutoring appointments offered at The Learning Commons can also be accessed live online. This means that USM students can work with a tutor from anywhere at the time of the appointment! Every USM student has a Zoom account, which can be accessed via the LaunchPad in the upper left-hand corner of the MyUSM portal.

Zoom will allow the student and tutor to: 

  • See each other via your device’s camera (for example, a computer or smartphone webcam)
  • Hear each other via your microphone
  • Share their screen while having your conversation
  • Write on a virtual whiteboard as part of their active practice
  • Save what was written on the whiteboard
  • Have the option to record the entire online session for later review (NOTE: this is the student’s choice)

Here is how to work with a tutor online:

  • When scheduling the appointment, select “Yes – Schedule Online Appointment” from the appointment window, instead of the default option of “No – Schedule Face-To-Face.”
  • A few minutes before the appointment, log in to the calendar system, open the appointment window, and click on the link labeled “JOIN MY APPOINTMENT” to start the online session.
  • Upon arrival in the meeting, turn on your microphone and camera. (NOTE: we strongly recommend using both your microphone and camera during the session, as it will provide the best options for making the most of that tutoring appointment.)

To learn more about each of the Zoom functions, such as using the whiteboard, chat feature, or recording the session, please see below.  

Additional Scheduling Information

To learn more about the peer academic support services available to USM students, please visit our Peer Academic Support Overview page. You may also find a comprehensive overview of resources and services on our Learning Commons homepage.

USM students can enjoy the benefits of two Subject-Based Tutoring appointments per week per subject area. For example, a student can schedule two chemistry appointments as well as two math appointments. Students may also schedule up to three Writing Assistance appointments per week, two Peer Academic Coaching appointments per week, and two Technology Coaching Appointments per week. 

Appointments are 50 minutes in length and begin at the top of the hour (ex: 11:00am).

All USM students can choose from appointments on the Portland and Gorham campuses, and also select to have appointments delivered live online via Zoom. We also have a service station on the Lewiston-Auburn campus to provide virtual access to all of our peer support services. 

The location of an appointment will depend on the selection made when scheduling a session. 

  • Portland-based tutoring/coaching appointments will be held on the second floor of Glickman Library.
  • Portland-based writing appointments will be held on the second floor of Glickman Library, room 325. 
  • Gorham-based appointments tutoring/coaching appointments will be held on the first floor of the Gorham Library (120 Bailey Hall).
  • Gorham-based writing appointments will be held on the second floor of the Gorham Library, room 223E. 
  • Students can also elect to have an appointment held live, online via Zoom. 

NOTE: All of the technologies associated with the scheduling and virtual delivery of peer academic support services are optimized for mobile devices and fully accessible.

If you need assistance with scheduling, please call The Learning Commons at (207) 780-4228 or email