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Excellence is the hallmark of the School of Music, offering a personalized and opportunity-based approach to educating University musicians, featuring a faculty of distinguished performers, teachers, scholars, and mentors. Learn more about School of Music.

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Youth Ensembles Auditions

Youth Ensemble auditions are coming up! May 25th - 28th in person at Corthell Hall. Register now!

Youth Ensembles - Portland Youth Symphony Orchestra

Check out our Portland Youth Symphony Orchestra. Auditions May 25th - 28th @ Corthell Hall.

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Never Stop Learning

2021 Summer Graduate Courses

Summer graduate courses in the School of Music begin in late June.

A Tisket, A Tasket | Fall 2020 USM Jazz Ensemble

A Tisket A Tasket By: Ella Fitzgertald/Al Feldman adapted by Klaus Lessmann Soloist: Roisin Strickland, vocalist

Fall 2020 Trumpet Ensemble Selections: Yesterday by: The Beatles

The USM Trumpet Ensemble performs 'Yesterday' by: The Beatles. This was recorded for the Fall 2020 Instrumental Ensembles Concert.

Thelonious Monk Concert Selections: Thelonious

The faculty jazz ensemble, led by Gary Wittner, play the works of jazz legend Thelonious Monk.