International students who are DEGREE CANDIDATES may work on campus provided (1) you are maintaining F‑1 status, (2) you do not work more than a total of 20 hours per week while school is in session.  You may be employed on campus full time when school is not in session (defined as between semesters), provided you are eligible and intend to register for the next school term.  The 20‑hour‑per‑week limit on your employment, while school is in session, applies to all types of on‑campus work (graduate assistantships, resident assistant positions).

USM students enrolled in the Intensive English Language Program and Exchange students are not given work authorization.

International students are not eligible for federal financial aid or work-study so they must find on campus jobs that are departmentally funded. There are very few of these jobs so students cannot count on being able to locate an on campus job during their time at USM and cannot rely on this funding to help cover their costs.