Located in the heart of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik University has 3,500 students, small class sizes and outstanding teaching.  The university has a strong focus on research and modern facilities.


Reykjavik offers programs in Business, Computer Science, Law, Science and Engineering and Energy Studies.  Not all modules at the university are taught in English, so students will need to select courses carefully to make sure they are registering for courses in English (unless fluent in Icelandic)!

A full time workload is 30 ECTS. Students must take a minimum 18 ECTS and can take a maximum 36 ECTS, and 30 ECTS for the School of Business.

You can find their course catalog here

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Students attending Reykjavik University will be charged for 12 credits of in-state tuition and academic fees. It is unlikely that students will have access to university housing, so most often students need to secure lodging on their own for the term abroad. Reykjavik University staff have resources to try and assist students with this process. Accommodation costs are paid by the student directly to the housing provider.