As much as we love having you here at USM we realize that students sometimes transfer out to other Universities or Colleges for various reasons. If you are beginning this process the information below will help get you started.

Step 1: Provide the USM Office of International Programs with a copy of your admission letter and Transfer Request Form (if you receive one) from the school you plan to attend next.

Step 2: Confirm with the USM International Office your last day of study at USM. This will be your release date (the date we transfer your I-20 to your new school). If you need help determining the best day to transfer, please reach out to Kimberly or Kaoru.

Step 3: Once we electronically forward your I-20 to your new school, they will produce a NEW I-20 for you. You should ask your new school when you can expect to receive your new I-20 as it will vary from school to school.

Please note that once we electronically transfer your record to your new school, we no longer have access to it. So you must be sure of your decision to leave USM and that you do intend to go to the new school you have been admitted to.

If you do not receive a transfer form from your new school please let us know. We can provide a “transfer in” form that you & your new school can complete.