Office of Research Integrity and Outreach

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is a standing committee responsible for ensuring that research involving a biosafety risk is well planned and ethical.

IBC Submission Requirements and Application Forms

Only complete protocol submissions will be accepted for review.  A submission is considered complete ONLY when it satisfies all four of these requirements:

  1. Each submission must utilize the appropriate form below.
  2. Each submission must answer all questions fully and in sufficient detail to allow reviewers to make the determinations required.
  3. Each submission must include all attachments requested in the form or email to

Applicants please note that most applications require more than one review because the IBC often requests additional information and/or changes. Therefore, applicants should leave ample time for additional review before the anticipated research start date. If submitting A Continuing Review, the form has a section for Revision/Amendment if applicable.

IBC Initial Application Form (.doc)

IBC Continuing Review Form for Non-Exempt Protocols (Google Form)

         example (pdf)

IBC Revision/Amendment Form (Google Form)

           example (pdf) 

IBC Completion Form (Google Form)

          example (pdf) 

IBC Serious Biosafety Adverse Event Reporting Form (pdf)

IBC Training

All IBC Members as well as Primary Investigator and Key Personnel working under an IBC protocol are encouraged to take this training. 

  1. If this is your first CITI training course, you will have to register
  2. Please select the University of Maine System as the Participating Institution
  3. Select and take all Biosafety courses that apply to your role as PI, IBC Committee Member, and/or compliance officer.

IBC Resources 

Biosafety Officer (BSO)

The University of Southern Maine campus does not have a Biosafety Officer. "The institution will appoint a Biosafety Officer (BSO) if it engages in large-scale research or production activities involving viable organisms containing rDNA molecules, biological agents in RG-3 or 4, or Select Agents."