Office for Prior Learning Assessment

PLA Credential Review

USM students may be able to earn credit for some licenses, certificates and other credentials from organizations outside the University, if these credentials represent learning that is comparable to that encountered in the college classroom.  Students who have earned credentials or certifications from work or life experience may submit them to the PLA Office for review.

The submission of credential documentation does not guarantee the awarding of credit.  Credentials/trainings are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Number of hours participants are engaged in training
  • Learning outcomes participants achieved in training
  • Types of assessments utilized 
  • Qualifications/credentials of the trainer
  • Minimum qualifications required of participants
  • Depth of engagement required of participants
  • Independent learning required of participants
  • Connection of theory with practice
  • Transferability of learning outside of the immediate context

Here is a link to a printable list of the most frequently reviewed credentials and trainings.

Students can submit proof of certification to Credit cannot be awarded for expired or provisional certifications.

If upon completion of review credit can be awarded, it will be posted to the student's account free of charge. The PLA office will send email confirmation of any posted credits to the student’s email account.  Formal review of credentials can take up to two weeks.

Please Note:

  • Certificate and training programs change frequently. The PLA Office reserves the right to revise, amend or change items set forth in our policies, procedures, and equivalencies at any time. 
  • The PLA office does not pre-review trainings, credentials, or learning experiences that students have yet to undertake. Only credentials that students have already earned may be submitted for review. 
  • CEUs are not automatically equivalent to college credit.  All certificates that earn CEUs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Printable Credentials/Trainings List 9-9-21