Office for Prior Learning Assessment

PLA Language Examinations

The Office for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) at USM offers exams in over seventy languages for credit.  However, not all of the following options are available in every language.  Please review the links carefully to determine which language exam(s) will be most appropriate for you. 

USM is a testing site open to the general public, which means registration is not restricted to only USM students. Be sure to check with your home institution to learn their minimum cut-off scores and course equivalents. 

USM's language exam options are as follows: 

CLEP (French, German, and Spanish only) 

BYU FLATS (Please check link for available languages)  

NYU (Please check link for available languages) 

ACTFL OPI (Somali only)  

If you have any questions about which exams would be most appropriate for you, please contact the Office for Prior Learning Assessment at 207-780-4663 or  We will be happy to discuss your options!