Office of Residential Life

Students and faculty from the Russell Scholars Program smiling and talking in a student lounge.

Living Learning Communities

Your USM experience is about preparing you academically for your future, but it’s also about the people you meet here and the experiences you have with them inside and outside the classroom. At USM, we assign all first-year residential students to a Living Learning Community (LLC). Your LLC assignment is based on the COR lab class that you choose with your Academic Advisor during your initial Advising and Course Selection (ACS) meeting. These LLCs are not connected to specific academic majors; rather, you can choose the one that best fits your interests. Your housing assignment coincides with the COR lab class that you have chosen, allowing you to live and learn with a smaller cohort of students who share a common interest in that community. Russell Scholars Program (RSP) students take RSP 110 in place of COR 101 and are housed in the RSP LLC. 

For the fall of 2022, it is our goal to ensure that we are still providing students with additional support and connection to peers, staff, and faculty as part of their COR experience, despite any COVID safety measures that may still need to be in place. Prior to COVID, our COR classes involved a variety of outings and shared class activities. For the fall of 2022, we are hoping to be able to return to this course format as long as it is safe to do so. We know that some students who would normally choose to live on campus are making decisions to stay home due to the impact of the pandemic. As such, we also offer a Commuter Transition section of COR 101 to ensure that all students will be able to be engaged in a learning community regardless of whether they are living on-campus, or living at home.

Housing assignments go out to students in the summer months, and we will communicate with folks via their USM email regarding any changes to COR labs, LLCs, or housing assignments that may take place after that time. Please keep an eye on your USM email over the summer to stay up to date!

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