USM Wellness

Overview and Level 1 & Level 2 Incentives

We are always looking for new members and love partnering with the OAB (Outdoor Adventure Board - Student led) and our new TrestleTree Health Coach, Joe DiSalvo.  Watch for our new Instagram account to be launched late March!

Please email us at with suggested activities or comments at any time.


Click here for UMS Wellness Level 1 & Level 2 Incentive Clarifications 

Level 1 for 2022 Should Look Familiar to You

Participation in the UMS Wellness Program begins with Level 1. Once the employee and spouse/domestic partner (if applicable) meet the Level 1 requirements, they graduate to Level 2. To satisfy Level 1 for optimum premium reduction, complete a TrestleTree Health Coaching Program, a Preventive Care Appointment or a health screening such as routine OB/GYN visit, Mammogram, Prostate Cancer Screening or Colonoscopy by April 30, 2022.  Your preventive care appointment will automatically be credited to the MotivateMe Cigna platform once submitted by your Primary Care Physician (PCP’s) office and processed by Cigna.


If you have not completed Level 1 requirements by April 30, you will pay the non-incentive health premium. Questions? Contact your University of Maine System Wellness team at, call the Employee Benefits Center at 866-269-9635 or reach out to Cigna at 800-244-6224 and click to chat on  

Preventive Care Wellness Submission Form (Level 1) has an April 30, 2022 Deadline.


Level 2 for 2022 

Besides the Level 2 progress dashboard now available on your landing page at when you log in, there are a number of offerings from Cigna you may consider for earning your $100 cash award, (taxable) by the November 30, 2022 deadline.

In addition, campus colleagues have never been more active in proposing and implementing multi-session and community events for a local or customized approach to wellness even in the midst of a pandemic. New and innovative proposals are in development. Keep an eye on your campus listings as colleagues devise exciting ways to earn the incentive credit even if traditional community events and multi-session activities are not currently available.