Academic Gains through Improved Learning Effectiveness (AGILE)

We want to help you, as a USM student, increase your memory, performance, and enjoyment of learning. The AGILE strategies outlined in this site involve self-testing, active practice, and making connections between ideas, all of which will maximize your time and effort! Learn more about Academic Gains through Improved Learning Effectiveness (AGILE).

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AGILE Resources

We encourage you to explore the entire site, but if you're short on time, we've indexed the printable resources and quick guides here.
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Learn with a Trained Peer

Work with one of our trained Subject-Based Tutors, Writing Assistants, Peer Academic Coaches, Technology Coaches, or Learning Commons Navigators.

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Time Management

Time management involves planning ahead. Check out these approaches that will help you plan ahead to effectively manage your time.

Mind Mapping

A mind map is a visual representation of a concept or process. Mind mapping is an effective strategy for testing memory and for organizing thoughts to write a paper.
Two students working together on academic tasks.

Work with a Tutor

Working with a tutor is a fantastic way to utilize active practice and self-testing. Read on to schedule a free appointment with a trained peer tutor.
Student working with Champ the Husky.

Learning Assistant (LA) Program

You may be taking a course with a LA, a model designed to help you be an active and AGILE learner. Learn more about the program, or apply to become a LA, here.

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Avoiding Common Learning Traps

We've compiled some of the most common learning traps, and how to begin to move towards more useful approaches. Read on to get started.

Join Our Team!

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