Communication and Media Studies Department

Understanding the process of communication is as important to our democracy as public speaking was for the ancient Greeks. Students and faculty consider issues involving gender and communication, multiculturalism, ethics, social media, media and public policy, and more. Learn more about Communication and Media Studies Department.

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Emily Lepannen, Meaghan Gonsior, and Glendon Zernicke

Communication and Media Studies Student Awards

CMS Students were presented with Department awards at the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences student award program on April 19, 2018.
New Degree Requirements for 2018-2019

New Curriculum for 2018/2019 Catalog

The 2018/2019 USM catalog will include changes to the Communication BA and the Media Studies BA

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Service Learning Project Gallery

Students majoring in Media Studies take the Service Learning Practicum as their capstone course. Here are a few video projects that were created in the course.
4 plus 1 in leadership studies

4 + 1 Communication and Leadership Studies

Students in Communication may begin working towards a Masters in Leadership Studies while still an undergraduate.

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Professor Ebben and Hannah Burgess on the USM Update

CMS Professor Maureen Ebben and Communication major Hannah Burgess discuss their UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project) project.
Students in Mader/Rocker Video

The CMS VIMEO page

Here is your opportunity to view some recent student work.

Internships in Communication and Media Studies

Students discuss the benefits of a good internship.

Tour The CMS Production Studio

Take a video tour of the Communication and Media Studies Production Studio and learn a bit about some of the courses offered there.