Why University of Southern Maine Engineering?

Portland, ME skyline

The Department of Engineering offers a modern, hands-on and affordable engineering education a short bus ride away from the heart of beautiful downtown Portland, ME. Our dedicated faculty and small classroom sizes provide our students a strong sense of community and enables individualized instruction.  Graduates of our programs can be found in a multitude of industries and many have pursued graduate education at nationally-recognized universities. 


Many of our students participate in academic year and summer internships with employers within the Portland, ME metroplex as well as nationally-recognized programs, such as NASA and the Defense Department. Our engineering programs strive to graduate well-rounded, practical, engineers with strong problem-solving skills making them highly sought after by industry.

For more information about internships, speak with our faculty or visit the Career & Employment Hub for current internship postings.

Transfer Students

The Department of Engineering welcomes transfer students to our programs. We understand that transferring universities can be a difficult and exciting decision. The University of Southern Maine has a dedicated professional staff available to discuss your options and ensure your transfer process goes smoothly. We offer a streamlined transfer credit review process and our faculty are available to discuss specifics of your situation. For more information about transferring to our engineering programs contact our Transfer Affairs office to book a consultation.

The Department of Engineering also is proud to offer a matriculation agreement graduates of Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) pre-engineering associates or science (A.S.) program. This 2+2 program allows SMCC graduates to complete an additional 2 years of study at the University of Southern Maine to obtain a bachelor of science (B.S.) in either of our engineering programs. For more information contact Dr. Luck.

The University of Southern Maine a participating institution in the Maine Engineering Pathways Program. The Maine Engineering Pathways Program allows you to begin your first year of study toward an undergraduate engineering degree at a participating University of Maine System campus, and then transfer to complete your engineering degree at the University of Southern Maine. The Maine Engineering Pathways Program is a 1 + 3 program. “1 + 3” refers to the number of years you’ll spend studying on each campus. You’ll spend your first year studying at one of the participating campuses and spend the next three years completing your degree at the University of Southern Maine. 

Non-Traditional Students

We understand that life does not always steer in a linear course. As such, our Department of Engineering is dedicated to meeting students where they are. A large proportion of our student body is comprised of non-traditional students including; veterans from all branches of the military as well as career transition and career enhancement professionals. We offer a flexible and affordable degree program and course rotation schedules to optimize your educational experience. The University offers a credit for prior learning options and we encourage people of diverse backgrounds into programs. For more information about being a non-traditional student at USM please contact priorlearningusm@maine.edu 

International Students

The greater Portland metroplex is the economic and cultural center of Maine. It is a small city with a population of 68,000 people, but offers world class living, dining and cultural experiences. We are a tourist destination with annual cruise ship arrivals taking advantage of our great weather, great food, and local charm. The Department of Engineering encourages all students to consider becoming part of our story. The University offers international students numerous incentives and programs. For more information about becoming an international engineering student see our Office or International Programs or contact usm.international@maine.edu