Having an internship increases the likelihood of success finding a job. Muskie recently developed an internship program in conjunction with the Maine Town City County Managers association to prepare students for town management positions. A food policy and sustainability internship is also available in conjunction with the Department of Economics. These have paid $15.00/hr for 150 hours. Interns have also been placed in planning departments in local communities. Students can work with their advisors on other placements as well. Most internships are taken during the summer. Students register for 3 credits of internship.

The program has two grad assistants who work with faculty.  Throughout the academic year, the Cutler Institute, a Muskie School affiliate has other graduate assistantships.  Recent students have worked on the data innovation project and a GIS project.  Other opportunities throughout the campus are available by registering with the USM’s on-line application process called Hire Touch.  Once an applicant profile is created, the system informs you of potential jobs.

A majority of students are continuing their education while working to enable them to move to other positions or be promoted.  An increasing number of students are coming to Muskie to gain skills necessary to enter the fields of public policy, planning, public and nonprofit management.  Recent Muskie PPM students are working in all levels of government, nonprofits, and some in the private sector government related positions such as consultants.   

Some recent graduates:

  • Director of Education Initiatives, Maine Community Foundation
  • Fellow, Island Institute
  • Program Director, Full Plates Full Potentional
  • Sustainability Coordinator, USM
  • Analyst, Town of Falmouth
  • Electronics Tech, Portsmouth Naval Yard
  • Analyst, State of Maine  A number students have become analysts in various state agencies
  • Deputy Chief, South Portland Fire Department

What Our Alumni Say

“ITN was my Capstone at PPM. Without the education I received at Muskie, we would not be serving the people we now serve or working effectively in this rapidly growing field. If there is ever anything I can do for the school, let me know.”
Kathryn Freund, Alum, Founder and President, Independent Transportation Network for Seniors, an affiliate of ITNAmerica, MPPM 1992
“As a Master’s candidate in the Policy, Planning, and Management program at the Muskie School of Public Service, I focused my studies on social and education policy. Within the structure of classes and also through an independent study, I was supported to delve deeper into issues such as poverty, hunger, public education, and affordable housing. After completing the program in May of 2018, I was hired as Program Director with Full Plates Full Potential, a statewide non-profit addressing child hunger in Maine.”
Anna Korsen, MPPM 2018
photo of Anna Korsen in front of some office plants