Dear Campus Community,

As we begin 2024, I hope this message finds everyone well. Stepping into the winter season, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about the importance of staying safe in challenging weather conditions.

As the temperature drops and snow begins to fall, it’s crucial for each one of us to be mindful of the potentially dangerous and slippery conditions. Our facilities team is working diligently to salt and grit areas to minimize hazards. However, it’s equally important for all of us to stay informed and take necessary precautions.

Please also remember to keep abreast of designated no-park areas during snowplowing operations. By signing up for alerts, you’ll receive timely notifications about parking restrictions and other important updates such as the cancellation of classes etc.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated as it helps streamline our efforts in maintaining public safety.

In other news, USM PD is also welcoming some new members to our team, namely:

Patrol Officer Tim Roy lives in Scarborough and holds a BA in History from UMass Lowell. Officer Roy completed the MCJA Pre-Service academy in 2006 and has worked part-time for Kennebunk PD both for Patrol and as a Dispatcher for several years. Additionally, Officer Roy is a certified MCJA Methods of Instruction Instructor and currently works as a Deputy Judicial Marshall at the courthouse.

Sergeant Ben Moreland comes to us from Gorham PD. Sgt. Moreland began his career in Law Enforcement here at USM in 2000. Sgt. Moreland holds a BA in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University. He has been with Gorham PD since 2004 and has worked as a supervisor since 2008. Sgt. Moreland is a MARC instructor as well as an FTO.

Sergeant Chris Coyne comes to us with an extensive law enforcement background with over 30 years of experience. A native of Portland Maine, Sgt. Coyne started his career with the Army, eventually working as a military police officer. In 2001 Sgt. Coyne started with Portland PD where he worked up until 2021. Sgt. Coyne has worked as an FTO, SRO as well as a K9 Handler. Sgt.

With our new team members, we look forward to the year ahead!


Gráinne Perkins, PhD.

Chief of Police