As part of the Clery Act, the university is required to keep a crime log to provide transparency to the campus community, surrounding area, and potential community members about the statistics of crimes on campus. This Weekly Crime Log was created in addition to the Clery requirements to provide weekly snapshots of the calls the USM Police Department responds to. The 60-Day Clery Log lists the crime statistics that are reported in the Annual Report, whereas the Weekly Crime Log will report any call to Public Safety that generates a report.

Call Date & TimeNature of CallLocation of CallResponding Officer(s)DispositionCall NumberCase Number
27 November 2023 at 1121TheftWishcamper CenterOff. MitchellOpen23-1416823-434-OF
27 November 2023 at 1246Supervisory AlarmPortland CommonsSgt. AbbottClosed23-1417223-435-OF
27 November 2023 at 1304Police InformationUpton Hastings HallSgt. AbbottClosed23-1417323-436-OF
28 November 2023 at 0416Assist Fire/EMSWoodward HallSgt AbbottClosed23-1419123-437-OF
28 November 2023 at 1852Assist other AgencyPublic Safety BuildingLt. CoxClosed23-1420723-438-OF
28 November 2023 at 2210Police InformationPortland CommonsSpc BelangerClosed23-1422123-439-OF
28 November 2023 at 2329Assist Fire/EMSUpperclass HallLt. CoxClosed23-1422523-440-OF
30 November 2023 at 1234Motor Vehicle AccidentP10 Parking LotSpc. BunickClosed23-1427523-26-AC
30 November 2023 at 1544Police InformationMcGoldrick Student CenterSpc. BunickClosed23-1428323-441-OF
30 November 2023 at 1928TheftMcGoldrick Student CenterSpc. BunickOpen23-1428823-442-OF
1 December 2023 at 1309Lost ItemOff CampusSpc. BunickOpen23-1432023-443-OF
1 December 2023 at 1618Assist Fire/EMSPhilippi HallSpc. BunickClosed23-1432623-444-OF
1 December 2023 at 2035Assist other AgencyOff CampusSpc. BelangerClosed23-1432923-445-OF
1 December 2023 at 2110DV AssaultPortland CommonsSpc. BelangerOpen23-1433023-446-OF
3 December 2023 at 0955Medical EmergencyUpton Hastings HallCSO EbertClosed23-1438023-447-OF
3 December 2023 at 1512Assist Fire/EMSPortland CommonsCSO EbertClosed23-1438723-448-OF

If you would like a printed copy of the Weekly Crime Log, the 60-Day Clery Log, or the Annual Report, please contact Communications Officer Amanda Giampetro at Please allow at least 48 hours for a response.

To see previous crimes on campus see the 60-Day Clery Log. The Annual Clery Security and Fire Safety Report is available as well.