As part of a statewide initiative in 2003, Maine began a minimum data set on faculty and students to parallel data collected on the state’s nursing workforce.

This data, summarized for the UMS nursing schools, is open source and we welcome its use. Data is collected and analyzed with support from the University of Southern Maine (USM) Muskie School of Public Service. 

We have completed 15 total surveys in 20 years.

This data provides information on:

  • Faculty demographics and initiatives in the Maine Schools including program changes, program growth, and an on-going assessment of the use of the Maine Nursing Competencies to guide education.
  • Admission numbers, qualified admissions, and denied qualified students.
  • Graduation numbers and our percentage of graduating students by program.
  • New initiatives, ways we are leveraging successful programs, and how we are collaborating with practice and across educational programs. 

Here is 2022 ‘s data:

2020’s data:

A note from Su Sepples RN, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Nursing:

“I hope this data set can be used to create focused initiatives to keep Maine Nursing moving forward; that you use this data to access funding and resources and to promote your own programs and by doing so advance all of our hopes for a strong and stable nursing workforce in Maine.

Yours in collaboration,
Su Sepples RN, Ph.D.

Prior data sets for the following years: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009 available on request.  

For data on previous years, please email your request to