Undergraduate Teacher Education


Classroom with studentsThe University of Southern Maine (USM) Undergraduate Teacher Education program prepares well-rounded and insightful educators who are deeply knowledgeable in the subject areas that they’ll teach.

The benefits to our Teacher Education Pathways:

  • Expertise in the content you’ll teach: By studying the content areas that you’ll teach, you’ll be prepared as an engaging and resourceful educator.
  • Experience in the classroom: You’ll gain more classroom experience here than any other teacher preparation program in the state of Maine. Field experience begins with classroom observation during your first year and continues during your second and third years. Your final year includes a year-long student teaching internship.
  • Cohort-based learning communities: During your internship year, your courses are arranged by cohort. This means that you and a group of roughly 20 fellow students will work in the same school district and study together.
  • Expanded career options: You’ll be qualified for a wide range of employment opportunities upon graduation, including careers within and outside the field of education.

Experience in the Classroom: Early and Often

We’re proud of our school partnerships with Southern Maine districts, which allow our students to gain experience in a mixture of urban, suburban, and rural school settings.

Field experience begins with classroom observation during your first year of studies, which is earlier than many other undergraduate teacher preparation programs. Most of our teacher preparation courses integrate field experience into the curriculum, so you’ll continue classroom observation throughout your second and third years.

Your final year includes a year-long internship of student teaching, during which you’ll gain experience in two different school settings or grade levels.

Learn more about Field Experience and Student Teaching.

Cohort-Based Learning Communities

Your final internship year is an intensive, supported experience. You will have cohort-based classes with other USM students who are also working in the same school districts. Members of these cohorts often become essential supports in the first few years of teaching as well as life-long friends.

Our Faculty

You’ll study with our education faculty as well as faculty dedicated to your content area. Their scholarship is grounded in school-based practices and includes topics of equity and inclusion in schools, critical race theory, citizen science, and place-based history. Our faculty is deeply dedicated to our students, and they strive to create a community of lifelong learners.

Our Campuses

Your classes will be held on both our urban Portland campus and our residential Gorham campus

Our students commute easily between the Portland and Gorham campuses via the WiFi-enabled METRO Husky Line.

Accreditation & the School of Education and Human Development

As a program within the School of Education and Human Development, the undergraduate Teacher Education program is nationally accredited by CAEP (Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation) and state-approved by the Maine Department of Education.

The School of Education and Human Development has a rich history dating back to the Gorham Normal School, established by the state of Maine in 1878. Today, the School has a mission of preparing educators and human development professionals for responsible service that is as relevant to society today as it was more than a century ago.

Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, our students must meet the Maine Department of Education and InTASC (Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium) Model Core Teaching Standards. Our Learning Outcomes are aligned with these standards.