Work around your Student Schedule

We are hiring Summer and Fall Work Study Students.

The current pay rate is $17.00 an hour.

Flexible scheduling options are available 3-4+ hours per week

Gain Employment Experience

The University Store is interested in hiring student workers from all walks of life regardless of work experience. The most important qualification is a willingness to learn. We would love to have you join our student worker team!

The Most Important Responsibilities

Customer Service
Merchandise Restocking
Cleaning projects as required

Additional Responsibilities

Assisting with Web Orders
Handing out Textbook Orders
Additional Projects as needed

We also offer additional (optional) work study funded opportunities for students to model for our websites and other promotional materials.

Husky sitting with a snowy background

For More Information on how to apply

To apply for a work study position at the University Store visit the Career & Employment Hub. There you will find the additional information regarding student employment. Please include your number of federal work study hours and availability on the application.