eCampus is USM’s online virtual bookstore and is exclusively online. Books will arrive typically between three and five business days. For questions and more please refer below or contact eCampus directly at 877-284-6744, or

Ordering Made Easy

USM’s official online bookstore makes it easy to get the materials you need for your courses.


Visit eCampus at for ordering and course lookup.

Order your guaranteed professor-selected materials online.
Competitively priced with options to buy physical copies, digital copies, or rent.
Have your books shipped to any USM campus pickup location and pay no shipping.
30 day return policy on all ordered materials starting on the first day of classes.

Marketplace Books

There is the option to buy used books listed and shipped by individual sellers. The seller must confirm your order within three business days. Each Marketplace book has its own condition description and shipping cost associated, which is detailed as an item description.
Expedited shipping may not be available.
Marketplace items will arrive separately from the rest of your order.

How to Order


Books are shipped based on availability. The availability will be listed on each item. Books are shipped during eCampus business days which are Monday through Friday.
If your item is in stock and your order is placed before 11am EST, it will ship the same business day.
If your item is in stock and your order is placed after 11am EST, it will ship the next business day.
If not all of the items in your order are in stock the order will be held until the entire order is complete so that all of the items can be shipped together. If it is within two weeks of classes your order will be shipped separately based on availability.
USM offers pickup locations on the Gorham, Portland, and Lewiston campuses, or you may have it shipped directly to your house.
If you sign up for email or text message alerts you will be notified twice. Once when your package has shipped, and once when it is ready for pickup.

Order Status

If you opt out of notifications you can still check your order, buyback, or return status. You can do this by logging onto the Online Bookstore which is

Need to return an eCampus rental or returnable textbook? No problem. General printed textbooks purchased from eCampus directly are returnable within 30 days of purchase (or the first day of class) for a refund. Some items may not be available for refunds such as accessed eBooks, marketplace items, and books bought new with codes revealed. For the steps on how to complete a refund click here.

If you have any questions regarding payment methods and policies please contact eCampus Customer Service at 877-284-6744.

eCampus accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, as well as debit cards with the VISA or MasterCard logo. Paypal is also accepted.

Credit cards/Debit cards will be authorized and charged upon order placement.
If you are renting books your card will be kept on file as collateral until rentals are returned in good condition.
Late rentals will be subject to an extension fee.
In the event your rental is damaged, or never returned you will be charged the price of the textbook in its entirety.
eCampus will not accept credit cards for rentals, in which the expiration date exceeds the due date of the rental.

USM Student Financial Services will add any funds awarded to you by a third party agency to your eCampus Student account. Your account will show a balance and can be used to purchase textbooks.
All third party payments will be processed through Cindy Decosta from Student Financial Services.

If you do not have a method of payment online you may mail a check or money order to eCampus along with a printed copy of your order. The check must cover the cost of the item(s) as well as the shipping fee. Your order will be processed as soon as the check/money order has cleared. Please note that rentals are unavailable using this method.
The following information is needed to process your order using this method of payment:

School name
Classes you are taking
Names of books, ISBNs, Quantity, and Condition (New or Used)
Preferred shipping method
Your shipping address
A contact email address and phone number

Mail and payable to:
Attn: University of Southern Maine Contract Schools
Division 2
415 Palumbo Drive
Lexington, KY 40509

E books may be purchased instead of physical copies. To access them visit you Digital Bookshelf on the eCampus website. Find information on how to find your Digital Bookshelf here.

Visit eCampus at to sell your books to eCampus directly. Buy-backs are also available at the Portland Campus Textbook Pick-up in Abromson Hall, room 212. In person buy-backs are available on a limited basis, not including the end of the semesters so please check in during our off times. We recommend selling your books to us in May or December for the best buy-back prices.

How to Sell Books

Visit eCampus to complete the steps needed to return your rentals at the end of the semester. If you do not want to ship them feel free to return them to the Textbook Pick-up on the Portland campus in Abromson Hall, room 212. We will need the printed return slip to be able to ship the books out for you.

If you need to return a book for a refund within 30 days of starting a class at USM you will need to complete the return steps online through eCampus as well as notify us that you are returning a book as a refund, we will then notify eCampus who will deliver you the appropriate refund.

How to Return Rentals