Policy, Planning, and Management

Accelerated Programs

Dual MPPM and Law Degree

The Program

The Law Program is 90 credits and the MPPM Program is 36 credits of required core (18 credits) and elective courses (18 credits). Taken separately, the two programs require 126 credits. The Law Program will accept 9 credits for courses taken in the MPPM Program and the MPPM Program will accept 12 credits taken in the Law Program. This results in a program of 105 credits (81 Law and 24 MPPM), representing a discount of 21 credits. It should be possible to complete the 105-credit program in less than four years with summer study.

 The first year is devoted to the standard Law first-year curriculum consisting of 30 credits. The Law program will accept 9 credits from the following list of required MPPM 3 credit Core Courses. 

 The MPPM program will accept

  • 3 credits Upper Level Writing Requirement as long as the research paper is related to a public policy, planning or public or nonprofit management topic;
  • 6 credits public service-related externship
  • 3 additional law credits from approved law courses in consultation with the PPM advisor


Students follow the standard application process for both programs and will be admitted separately to each program. Entrance to one program does not in any way ensure admission to the other.

Accelerated Graduate Pathway to MPPM 

Our Accelerated Graduate Pathway to the MPPM program allows you to begin taking graduate-level courses during your final year of undergraduate studies, after completing 90 credits. These courses will satisfy credit requirements for both the undergraduate program as well as the graduate program. You’ll save up to 18 credits — which also saves you time and money.

Learn more about our Accelerated Graduate Pathways


The PPM program has a partnership with the University of Maine Augusta, Public Administration program

Students with a Bachelor’s in Public Administration from UMA who have a 3.0 GPA from UMA and 3.0 GPA in the major are encouraged to apply to the PPM program. Upon acceptance, students may choose two alternative courses to PPM 610 Governance Democracy and Public Policymaking and PPM 615 Organizational Leadership. In addition, the PPM program will transfer two 400 level Public Administration courses into the PPM program reducing the number of credits taken from 36 credits to 30 credits.