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Introduction to Agile, Scrum, and Kanban

This workshop is an introduction to Agile for individuals interested in exploring agile or applying agile practices, principles and values. 

Agile Product Discovery

Focus on 4 elements of an Agile environment: product/project discovery, requirements gathering, communication and prioritization. 

Certificated Agile Leader® 1 (CAL 1TM )

In CAL-1TM you will shift the way you think about organizational culture and employees to recognize their full potential in your agile enterprise. 

Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®)

Learn about the Scrum Framework, how to apply Scrum to your team, and how to help your organization. This Scrum Master® Certificate is provided through ScrumAlliance®. 

Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®)

From ScrumAlliance®, the Certified Scrum Product Owner® decides what the team will create next in order to deliver more value to the customer. 

This certificate program allows individuals to develop confidence and clarity in communication. Required courses include: Professional Writing, Skillful Conversations, Delivering Powerful Presentations, Facilitating Effective Meetings, and one additional leadership elective of your choice.  

Delivering Powerful Presentations

This workshop will help you develop your presentation skills and decrease your anxiety in a supportive, safe environment. 

Organizing and Facilitating Effective Meetings

Learn practical skills, tools, and techniques to help you immediately improve your meeting quality. 

Professional Writing Workshop: 2-Day Intensive

Learn how to express your ideas clearly, concisely, and persuasively, and discuss how to apply it to professional writing. 

Skillful Conversations

Learn and apply critical professional communication skills that will help you develop relationships and get the work done. 

Grant Writing Certificate

This course will prepare learners to create and submit a grant proposal that meets the expectations of funding organizations. After completing this certificate, students will have the confidence and resources needed to prepare and submit a grant proposal. 

This certificate program offers a comprehensive view of human resources in the practical application of total rewards, performance management, training and development, employment law and labor relations, and recruitment and retention.

Introduction to Human Resource Management

This workshop will provide you with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of human resource management and its strategic relevance in business. 

Employment Law

Build an employment culture of compliance, by focusing on employment laws and regulations, and how the laws affect your employment practices. 

Managing Training & Development

The course assists human resource professionals and managers responsible for the training and development of staff to utilize their resources effectively. 

Performance Management Systems

This program focuses on the human resource role in developing and maintaining performance management systems. 

Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, and Retention

This workshop will take a close look at the employment life cycle starting with what happens before recruitment begins and ends after employment terminates.  

Total Rewards: Compensation and Benefit Strategy

The course will cover compensation and benefit strategy and tactics for implementation of key elements of Total Rewards. 

Build confidence while developing the durable skills required for effective leadership. All workshops in the Professional Development Programs can be taken individually, or applied as an elective towards a certificate.  

Business Writing: Refresh the Basic Rules

Brush up on common areas of confusion in grammar and punctuation. 

Conflict Management Solutions

Learn best practices and workplace strategies in the field of conflict resolution and interpersonal communication skills. 

Effective Communication

Participants will learn the most essential communication skills required to succeed in the challenging and competitive working environment of today. 

Flexible Leadership in Every Situation

Learn how to become a more flexible leader by using the right style of leadership for the right situation.   

Leading Through Influence

Improve influence skills by structuring influential messages so that others will understand them and be more willing to consider them. 

Managing Multiple Priorities and Your Time

This workshop gives you tools to focus, set priorities; thoughtfully organize, and schedule your important work. 

Mediation Skills for Leaders

This course gives you basic structure of informal mediation for coaching your team through conflict between co-workers or clients.  

Mentoring Essentials

This workshop offers practical tools for how to give the most to and how to get the most out of mentoring relationships inside any business. 

Negotiation Best Practices

The workshop will provide best practices and strategies in the field of negotiations and interpersonal communication skills. 

Product Development

This workshop offers a practical product development overview of modern lean / product exposure based on contemporary industry practice. 

Our certificates will provide participants with an understanding of Lean Six Sigma methods. As you move through the levels, you will gain a deeper understanding of various methodologies and understanding of tools that can be immediately applied for process improvement projects. 

Yellow Belt

Gain an understanding of Lean Six Sigma methods and receive tools that can be immediately applied for process improvement projects. 

Green Belt

You will learn Lean Six Sigma techniques, problem-solving methods, and use of statistical tools to be an effective project leader.  

Black Belt

Develop advanced skills in the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification course for leading complex projects and for supporting LSS deployment. 

This certificate program is designed for individuals interested in mediating or applying the mediation process to their profession or workplace.     

Mediation Certificate

Mediation introduces you to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); it provides 40 hours of training, a state and national standard for entry-level mediators.  

Gain a complete comprehensive project management skill set necessary for mastering the life cycle of a project. The certificate series starts with examining the situation and organizing the team; moves through identifying tasks and estimating resources; and concludes with setting schedules, managing risk, and completing a plan. Take three required courses and a leadership elective. 

Introduction to the Practice of Project Management

Overview of frameworks and tools, common risks and mistakes, and identify skills and competencies for organizational success. 

Effective Project Management

Learn practices, tools, and skills required to effectively manage the project management process.  

Implementing Project Management

This course is designed to help project leaders more fully integrate the discipline of project management into their organization.   

12-Week SHRM-SCP/SHRM-CP Test Prep

This is a 12-week course which meets online for 3 hours each week. Participants review new material each week to prepare for the national SHRM exam. 

7-Week SHRM-SCP/SHRM-CP Test Prep

This is an intensive course that prepares you for the SHRM national exam; it meets for 5-6 hours, weekly, for 7 consecutive weeks.   

Supervision Certificate: Comprehensive Format 

Expand your understanding of self and how it supports your role as supervisor by focusing on communication, delegation, feedback, coaching, conflict management, and performance management skills. All six courses of the certificate series are bundled into one course delivered over six consecutive weeks. 

Supervision Certificate: Individual Format

This certificate program provides supervisors and managers with practical skills for the day-to-day responsibilities of managing staff.  It includes 5 required individual workshops and one elective of choice that can be taken individually, over time for up to three years. Required workshop topics include Stepping Up to Supervisor, Using Feedback, Delegating, Coaching, and Managing Performance. 

Stepping Up to Supervisor

This course addresses the unique challenges of making the transition from staff member to supervisor. 

Using Feedback Effectively

Giving feedback is a necessary and important part of workplace relationships. Learn how to turn a situation into a positive conversation.   

Delegating, Accomplishing Results Through Others

This course focuses on how team leaders identify tasks to be performed, develop action plans, and effectively direct the work of their team members.   

Coaching to Enhance Performance

Participants will learn the difference between coaching and supervision and how to prepare and engage in a coaching conversation. 

Managing Performance Accountability

Learn a step-by-step approach to effectively manage poor performance and create stronger accountability.  

Mini-Modules provide focused training in short bursts. Learn a new skill or technique that you can apply in your work.  Three of these modules will satisfy an elective for a certificate.  

Navigating Socialization in Today’s Workplace

This workshop provides suggestions for managing healthy socializing and etiquette in your workplace. 

Introduction to Grant Writing Webinar 

Get a brief overview of all the components of responding to an effective grant opportunity. Interact with our expert instructor to help you plan your next learning steps in the process of writing a grant.

Accountability in the Workplace 

Provides informative tools and practical strategies that can be used to implement a culture of accountability and drive positive results. 

Grant Research 

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