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Click on the link below to pay membership, & sign-up for classes. Instructions can be found under “resources” on left or by clicking here. Check below for open registration dates.


OLLI Online Registration Website



Current OLLI Course Catalogs (click on any blue lettering for more information)

Fall 2021 courses run once a week, for eight weeks between September 13 - November 5.

Fall 2021 Course catalog

Fall 2021 Course catalog


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Steps to online registration:

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Steps for any registration that is free (Faculty Waiver, Scholarships, etc):

1. Examine the catalog

2. Choose class(es) and/or workshop(s)


  • Complete Online Scholarship form here.
  • Print and complete the registration form and e-mail it to OLLI staff at olliatusm@maine.edu along with a copy of your free certificate.  OLLI staff will start processing these registrations (in no particular order) starting the same day online registration opens.

Faculty Waivers, Gift Certificates, Free membership for 90+:

  • Print and complete the registration form, scan it and e-mail it to OLLI staff at olliatusm@maine.edu
  • Include a the code from the certificate, or if there isn't one, scan or take a picture of your free certificate, with the current date written on it.  OLLI staff will start processing as soon as possible after receiving them.

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Summer courses run once a week, for six weeks between June 22 - July 29.

Summer 2021 Course catalog


Past OLLI Course catalogs and SAGE Brochures


Spring 2021 SAGE Brochure

Spring 2021 Course catalog

Winter 2021 Course catalog

SAGE Fall 2020 Brochure

Fall 2020 Course catalog

Fall 2020 Registration Form

Summer 2020 Course catalog

OLLI Spring 2020 Catalog

SAGE Spring 2020 Brochure

OLLI Winter 2020 Catalog

SAGE Fall 2019 Brochure

Bill Nemitz's Lecture PowerPoint from March 19, 2019

OLLI Fall 2019 Catalog

OLLI Summer 2019 Catalog

SAGE Spring 2019 Brochure

 OLLI Spring 2019 Catalog

 OLLI Winter 2019 Catalog

 OLLI Fall 2018 Catalog

SAGE Fall 2018 Brochure

 OLLI Summer 2018 Catalog


OLLI Course Catalog Archives

SAGE Brochure Archives