As an SMCC student, transferring to USM is simple! Check out our transfer maps to review admission requirements and see how your courses will transfer.

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While all of our bachelor's degree programs require a minimum of 120 credits, you must complete at least 30 of your final 45 credits at USM to earn your bachelor’s degree with transfer credit.

Some majors (or degree programs) require more than 120 credits to earn your bachelor's degree.

NOTE: We do not include your transfer credits from past institutions in your overall grade point average (GPA) calculation at USM. However, grades from other colleges and universities will appear on your USM transcript.

Our core curriculum requires you to complete specific courses in a variety of subject areas. Your transferable SMCC credits count toward our requirements but may not fully satisfy them.

Your official Transfer Credit Report will indicate if any of your transferred coursework satisfies any of our core curriculum requirements (look for the “Core Requirements” column in your report).

Any credits that don’t meet our core curriculum or major requirements may transfer as electives. These credits can often help you complete a minor, double major, study abroad program, or an accelerated pathway to a graduate degree.

If you earned a Liberal Studies associate degree from SMCC, we will fully waive your core requirements at USM — except for the capstone.

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We consider transfer credit from 100-level courses or above if you received a final grade of C– or better at a regionally accredited college and/or university.

After you're admitted, our Transfer Affairs staff in the Office of Admissions will complete an official Transfer Credit Evaluation of your previously completed college coursework. This process is usually completed within one week after your admission. You'll receive an email notification when your report is available.

You can use our Transfer Equivalency tool to estimate how your earned credits could transfer to USM before you apply — or before your official Transfer Credit Evaluation is ready.

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The University of Maine System (UMS) created a tool where you can review detailed program-specific transfer guides. This tool does not yet include all available UMS transfer agreements. However, it may give you a course-level path between your current Maine college or university and the University of Southern Maine.

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If your college, university, or specific course isn't available in either tool or if you have questions regarding the Transfer Credit Evaluation process, email us or call 207-780-5340.

All University of Maine System institutions hold reverse transfer agreements with all Maine Community College System (MCCS) institutions. Through these agreements, you could be granted an associate degree by combining credits you earned as a transfer student at USM with 30+ credits you previously earned from an MCCS institution.

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Marty Malague

Marty Malague

Assistant Director

Transfer students

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  • SMCC students

For help with the transfer process, meet with your SMCC advisor or connect with Marty Malague.

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* There's no fee to apply for in-state, out-of-state, and Canadian applicants. There's a US $50 fee for international applicants.