USM Public Safety

Police Services

The police officers of University of Southern Maine Public Safety offer many different services to the campus community.

  • Safety and Security Checks
  • Alcohol Enforcement Details
  • Security Walk-throughs
  • Community Policing Activities
  • Traffic Control Safety and Enforcement
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Safety Escorts
  • Property Identicaton Program


Area Authorization Form- Access List for Student Access After Hours

Request for Police Services (Alcohol, Crowd Control, Traffic Control)

Please Note: As of September 2014 cost will now be $48.00/hour

Musical Instrument Registration

Electronic Device Registration

Bicycle Registration

More About Our Programs

Safety Escort Service

To use this service please contact Public Safety Communications at 207-780-5211. A uniformed police officer driving a marked vehicle will pick you up at your present location and bring you to a different on campus location such as your residence hall or to your vehicle. This service is available whenever an officer is not on another call. If the officer is on another call, the dispatcher will advise you were to wait in a secure location and how long the delay may be.

Emergency Call Boxes

At the entry way to all campus buildings, in all elevators and placed in other areas throughout the campus are emergency call boxes. A call from these phones will go directly to Public Safety Communcations and the dispatcher will send assistance to your location.

Property Identification

All students and employees are encouraged to fill out a registration form for their musical insturments, electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, media players, video game systems, etc and bicycles kept on campus.

Please turn the form into Public Safety Communications which will keep the forms on file and should the item be lost or stolen will be used to aid the police in getting the item returned.

Services We are Unable to Offer

  • Jump Starts
  • Motor Vehicle Lockouts
  • Flat Tire Repair Assitance
  • Other Motor Vehicle Services