The USM School of Social Work serves as a bustling center of scholarly activity for both faculty and students. We manifest our commitment to social justice through research partnerships with community organizations, giving voice to the experiences of community members and evaluating the effectiveness of current social service interventions. Experts in the social work field, Faculty publish in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals and present at international conferences, often in collaboration with students. In addition to completing courses in research methods, BSW and MSW students translate their research skills to the real world through a variety of co-curricular learning experiences such as the annual Thinking Matters Student Research Symposium.

School of Social Work Faculty Research & Publications

The below is a select list of recent peer-reviewed publications submitted by the faculty of the University of Southern Maine School of Social Work.

Sorenson, C. J., Jones, T., & Casey, R. C. (2024). The in-class experience of social work students based on their political ideology. Social Work Education. DOI: 10.1080/02615479.2024.2307527

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Gentles-Gibbs, Natallie (2023) Will Social Work Ever Be Truly Antiracist? Reflections on Furthering Antiracist Social Work Education, Journal of Progressive Human Services, DOI: 10.1080/10428232.2023.2257118

Addo, R. & Ivey D. (2022). I don’t wanna be around nobody. A retrospective of homeless networks. Journal of Social Service Research.

Chalmers, E., Gerstenblatt, P., & Hodgdon, R. (2022). The COVID whirlwind on the veterinary world: End-of-life care and euthanasia during the Covid-19 pandemic. People and animals: The international journal or research and practice.

Gerstenblatt, P., Shanti, C., & Fisk, S., (2022). Community member experiences in an arts-based community-university partnership. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship.

Gerstenblatt, P., Rhodes, D., & Ivey, D., (2022) Making the case: A case study for veterinary practice from the social work perspective. People and animals: The international journal or research and practice.

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Tyron, R., Gerstenblatt, P., & Bove, A. (2022). “It’s Just Flourishing Hope Everywhere”: The experiences of incarcerated men Sharing their stories. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. DOI: 10.1177/0306624X221102834

Ivey, D. (2022). A systematic review of program outcomes for the national family caregiver support program using a theoretical approach. Journal of Mental Health and Social Behaviour 4(1): 154.

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Kohli, H. K., Shanti, C., & Gerstenblatt, P. (2021). Asian Indian mothers’ experiences raising bicultural children: A phenomenological study. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work.

Kohli, H. K., Shanti, C., & Gerstenblatt, P., (2021). Reflections on raising bicultural children: Asian Indian mothers’ experiences. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work. 

Kohli, H. K., Wampole, D., & Kohli, A. K. (2021). Impact of online education on student learning during the pandemic. Studies in Learning and Teaching Journal, 2(2), 1-11.

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Fineran, S., & Kohli, H. K. (2020).  Muslim refugee women’s perspectives on intimate partner violence.  Journal of Family Social Work, 23(3), 199-213 Work. DOI:

Kohli, H. K., & Fineran, S. (2020). Latino fathers’ narratives on child abuse and neglect. Critical Social Work, 21(2), 1-17. 

Kohli, H. K., & Fineran, S. (2020).  “The rain grows plants, the thunder does not”: Refugee and asylee women’s narratives on child abuse and neglect.  Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 18(2), 224-238.

Kohli, H. K., & Fineran, S. (2020) “If they misbehaved, we took a stick to discipline them”: Refugee mothers’ struggles raising children in the United States. Journal of Child and Family Social Work, 25(2), 488-495.

Kohli, H. K., Shanti, C., & Gerstenblatt, P., (2020). “A drumbeat underneath the child”: Asian Indian mothers’ perceptions of their multiethnic children’s lived experiences. The Journal of Business Diversity, 20(2), 111-122.

Kohli, H. K., Shanti, C., & Gerstenblatt, P., (2020). “A drumbeat underneath the child”: Asian Indian mothers’ perceptions of their multiethnic children’s lived experiences. The Journal of Business Diversity, 20(2), 111-122.

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Research Opportunities for Students

Master of Social Work (MSW) Thesis

MSW thesis students conduct an original social science research project under the guidance of a School of Social Work Faculty member. Learn more about the Master of Social Work on the Program Information page. Below is a select list of Theses from former MSW students.